St. Louis Community

St. Louis parents are essential in running many of the day-to-day activities as volunteers. Each St. Louis Catholic School family, ELC-8th grade, is required to complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours per school year. There are many ways for every parent or guardian to get involved regardless of their prior experience and concerns about time commitments. Hours may include all work within our parish community (St. Louis Catholic Church, Early Learning Center, St. Louis Catholic School, Religious Education, Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Music Ministry, etc.). Volunteer requirements must be met before working with children, 

Cafeteria Program

On a daily basis, we depend on parent and family volunteers to help keep our lunch program running smoothly.

Throughout the year, each family is asked to have a member(s) fill 5 volunteer slots in the school cafeteria. Once your family has completed your 5 volunteer slots, you will have met 50% of your family required school volunteer hours.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Check back here throughout the year for other volunteer opportunities!