Among the most important reasons people choose St. Louis school is our administration and faculty. Children benefit from decades of experience, professionally licensed teachers, with a strong professional development program to keep our staff at the forefront of teaching. Our teachers work together as a team to provide a rigorous academic program and using the best instructional strategies. We monitor student progress and do what it takes to ensure that all students reach their greatest potential. Above all, our staff genuinely invests in the complete formation of each child.



Fr. Tim Hjelstrom



Dana Ellis

303.666.6220, ext. 300

Assistant Principal

Amy Licata

303.666.6220, ext. 101

303.666.6220, ext. 500

Office Manager

Lori Welty

303.666.6220, ext. 200

303-666-6220, ext. 100

Preschool Teacher

Yvonne Cartin

303-666-6220, ext. 500

Preschool Teacher

Lisa Roybal

303-666-6220, ext. 500

Preschool Teacher

Angie McCann

303-666-6220, ext. 500


Jessica Bennett

303.666.6220, ext. 202

1st Grade

Hannah Barnes

303.666.6220, ext. 204

2nd Grade

Deborah DiPetrillo

303.666.6401 ext. 201

3rd Grade

Elizabeth Brison

303.666.6220, ext. 203

4th Grade

Lydia Taylor

303.666.6220, ext. 107

5th Grade

Kerri McGill

303.666.6220, ext. 108

Middle School Science

Todd Hoelter

303.666.6220 ext. 306

303.666.6220, ext. 304

303.666.6220, ext. 301


Julia Antunes de Sa

303.666.6220, ext. 102

Physical Education

Adam Daymut

303.666.6220, ext. 103

Spanish – ELC-8

Paulina Arce-Forttes

303-666-6220, ext 302

Art / Technology

Madison Dark

303.666.6220, ext. 103(computer); ext. 102 (art)

Middle School Math

Dr. Tova Yoast-Hull


Parochial Vicar

Parochial Vicar