4th Grade

Lydia Taylor


303.666.6220, ext. 107

Hi, my name is Lydia Taylor.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, K-6 and have been teaching at St. Louis School for the past 18 years. Teaching allows me to help each student reach their full potential. It allows me to make a difference in the lives of my students both academically, spiritually, and as life-long learners. My goal is to enable every student I teach the opportunity to reach their full potential and become independent life long learners.

In the classroom I strive to be a facilitator of learning and to present subjects in such a way as to catch student’s interest. I like to bring energy to the classroom and excite students about subjects. I teach to all the different learning styles using the latest technology. I think it is important to give encouragement to students and recognize their uniqueness. I believe in the importance of working as a team with the student, the parents and myself.


4th Grade Curriculum

Reading/Literature/Language Arts: McGraw/Hill “Wonders”

Math: Math in Focus (Singapore)

Music: Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum

Physical Education: Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum

Computer Education: Archdiocese of Denver Technology Plan

Art: Archdiocese of Denver  Art Curriculum

Science: MacMillian-McGraw-Hill

Religion:  Ignatius Press (Faith and Life Series)

Spanish: Spanish Elementary by Cynthia Downs

Social Studies: Glencoe McGraw-Hill


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