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Parent Requirements

  1. Register on the CSAL website. Register under the category – St. Louis Louisville.
  2. Student/Parent Athletic Agreement – please sign and return to the school office
  3. Play Like A Champion Seminar for parents (PLACT) – This is labeled as “PLCT Parent Seminars” within the  CSAL calendar
  4. Concussion Training for Parents (optional)

Parent and Player Expectations

  1. Coaches are volunteers – please respect their time. They do not get paid and are spending their time away from family to coach. Please contact coaches if your child is unable to be at practices/games. It is difficult to be at the gym ready to go when only a few players show up.
  2. Forfeits are costly, so please make sure your player is at the games on time.
  3. Contact coaches if your child is unable to make practices or games with at least 24-hour notice. For safety of the children on the court players need to attend the practices.
  4. Practice schedules- We will try our best to set up a practices schedule to fit age groups and coaches’ times. Gym use is tight, please make sure you drop off and pick up your player(s) on time. Please do not leave young children at the gym that are not part of the teams, the coaches are busy with their players and cannot watch the younger children.


Games and Uniforms: 

  • Game schedules- Will come out in November. Widget game schedules are set by the Widget League Director. JV and Varsity game schedules are set by the athletic directors.
  • For games – Please arrive at games 30 minutes or more, or the time the coaches disignate. Players should be in uniform, proper athletic shoes, and water bottles. Carpooling
  • Uniform care ($100 to replace)- please wash uniforms after every game. Please do not have your child eat with the uniform on. Uniforms can stain easily.
  • $100 athletic fee goes for referees, team registrations, equipment, rental of the LMS gym, and uniforms

  • Game etiquette – At the beginning of every game all will pray, when watching the game please respect all players on both teams (they are all children of God), respect all spectators, and please respect referees (they will make mistakes on calls, but they too are children of God)

  • If there is an issue at practices or games, please give yourself 24 hours before addressing the issue. After 24 hours please talk to coaches first.