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Home of the CRUSADERS! Our Actions Speak Louder than Words! 


Kids in motion. Minds in motion. Spirits in motion. St. Louis is a place of formation for children from preschool through the eighth grade, animated by our active community, and guided by the grace of God.

Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place. I can feel His mighty power and His grace.
I can hear the brush of angels wings.
I see glory on each face.
Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place.

“Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place” written by Lanny Wolfe and inspired by Genesis 28:16

January Dove Awards

ELC: Brice Brettingen:  Brice has such a big heart and is the first to share or make a new friend. He is always smiling and showing others by his example. Brice is also a peacemaker. He spreads God’s love by his actions and words. 

Kindergarten: Ava Letcher: Ava is so very helpful to everyone in school.  She shows kindness to her peers and respect to her teachers.  She is a ball of energy who loves to learn and has a complete sense of right & wrong.  Her perspective and insight amazes me continually! I don’t know what I would do without my morning hug!

First Grade: Emma Putnam: Hard-worker, high-achiever, humble, and heartfelt are just a few of the words I would use to describe this wonderful young lady. She puts forth effort above and beyond, not to be recognized but because of her love for learning. It comes so naturally that she likes to turn any opportunity into a teachable moment. She’ll pull little facts pretty much in every subject and incorporate them into her daily life. She’ll be like, “Mrs. Barnes, predicament is one of our vocabulary words and I had one at recess, but don’t worry, my friend and I solved it.” or “Mrs. Barnes, wasn’t that just hilarious when the BFG used the word, diddly. That certainly isn’t in our English language.” Yes, Emma really talks like that and, most times, much better than I do! Academics are definitely one of her strengths, however, she is so much more than that. She is kind to all of her friends, respectful to all teachers and volunteers, and always has a beautiful smile on her face. She is a true gift from God!

Second Grade: Rylee Coufal: Rylee is a hard-working student. She always does her best.Rylee has a caring personality, in that she  continues to help out whenever she can. She is always excited to be at school.  She is full of stories and likes to share them.

Third Grade:Oliver Kennedy: Oliver is such a hard working young man. He cares about what he does. He is quick to offer help when he sees someone struggling, and just as quick to ask for help when he needs it. Oliver can self advocate when there is something that would help him, but never in a way that calls attention to himself. He isn’t disruptive, and he never does anything at the expense of others. He is polite and courteous. When he makes a comment in class, it always contributes to the lesson. He is thoughtful and engaging. He finds out what I am interested in and will bring me books to read about those subjects. We both enjoy non-fiction books so he will bring me some to read while he borrows some from my library. Every morning Oliver has a smile on his face that warms my heart. I am glad he is in my class.

Fourth Grade: Paige Armstrong: Paige is our Dove recipient for 4th Grade.   Paige has shown outstanding fortitude this year.  She has been able to keep up with her work with many setbacks.  She made honor roll our 1st trimester. She never complains. She comes in every day with a little bounce and smile.  She is always ready and willing to participate in class. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. On many occasions she has brought in donuts holes for the whole class. Paige embodies the saying “Good things come in small packages.”

Fifth Grade: Chase Fielder:  Chase is a very quiet student, so I can’t say that I know him well although I think he’s coming out of his shell a bit as the year progresses.  I do know that he always treats his classmates and me with respect. Every morning he says “good morning” and he ends each day with “thank you” or “have a good afternoon.” He is very kind to his classmates.  I’ve never had anyone complain about his behavior or the way he treats them. Chase is very studious – he loves to read and he works very hard on all of his work. He stays out of trouble, and he’s a pleasure to be around. I’m very proud of Chase!  He’s an amazing addition to St. Louis this year!

Sixth Grade: Vanessa Meyer: Vanessa is always smiling and saying hello to everyone that she meets. She is a hard worker and always helpful to others. She stands up for people that are having a hard time and never says anything negative. Vanessa has a positive attitude and this has a wonderful effect on everyone around her.  She is welcoming and happy to meet new people. Her smile brightens the day. She may be quiet, but has very strong opinions, and is a joy to have in class. Vanessa is a great asset to the St. Louis family.

Seventh Grade: Sage McGill: Sage is such an awesome young lady. She always has a smile on her face. She is willing to help others at any time. Sage has grown immensely since 6th grade and her grades reflect the effort she has put into her school work. She is caring and kind-hearted. She truly cares about others. She is a joy to teach.

Eighth Grade: Diego Lopez-Portilla: Diego is one of the most polite young men in middle school.  He is always there to help without even being asked. He readily acts as usher in mass and is always there to remind me the flags need to either be put up or taken down.  In school, I am impressed by his perseverance. Even when the work is difficult, he will work until he understands it. I have never in the three years working with Diego heard him utter an unkind word.  He is a leader on the basketball court and has led the varsity team to victory. Diego is a pleasure to have in class and serves as an outstanding model of sportsmanship.

Quality & Affordable Education


Not only do our students perform well on National Tests, but our students continue to GROW! We offer scholarships, variable tuition program, and one of the lowest tuition rates in Boulder County. Learn about us here.

Forming the Whole Person


We seek to foster a students’ love of God and neighbor. St. Louis is a parochial school striving to reinforce the virtues parents hope to instill in their children. Learn more about our culture here.

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Experienced and Caring Faculty


Children benefit from having a staff with a wealth of experience and who use state-of-the-art instructional practices. Our quality teachers along with small class sizes help us to be attuned to each child’s needs. Meet our staff here.

Spanish. Art. Music. Athletics.

Our language, music, art, technology, extra curricular, and athletic programs add to our curriculum offerings and are offered throughout a student’s academic journey. Learn more about these programs.

NCEA Monthly Feature School: St. Louis Catholic School

St. Louis Catholic School is proud to have been chosen as the feature school for the National Catholic Educational Association for the month of September, 2017. Click on the graphic below to read the full article about St. Louis Parochial School.






Assurance Statement of compliance with the purposes of Title IX Education Act
The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese, under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop, and at the direction of the
Superintendent, attest that none of the Catholic schools discriminates on the basis of sex in its admission
policies, its treatment of students or its employment practices.
Notice of Student Non-Discrimination Policy
The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Denver, under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila,
S.T.L. and at the direction of the Superintendent, state that all of their Catholic schools admit students of any
race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded
or made available to students at the schools. Furthermore, Archdiocesan schools admit disabled students in
accord with the policy on Admissions in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools Administrator’s Manual.
These schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, color, and national or ethnic origin in
the administration of their educational policies, employment practices, scholarship and loan programs,
athletic or other school-administered programs.