Jessica Bennett, Kindergarten

Welcome to the St. Louis family and our Kindergarten program.  I have been teaching for 14 years within the Archdiocese of Denver School System and this is my 5th year at St. Louis.  The majority of my teaching experience has been in Kindergarten.  I spent a few years in 3rd grade before coming to St. Louis-Louisville.

My teaching philosophy is simple.  All children can and do learn given the right tools and strategies for each individual student’s needs.  I believe that routines and structure with explicit instruction and clear, well-defined expectations provide an environment for learning and success.  My classroom is a loving, safe, structured environment for all students.

For those interested in knowing a bit about me personally…

  • Married for 27 years this Dec. to Greg Bennett
  • One daughter, Lakota (getting married in Oct.), who I talk about incessantly and who attended Catholic School PK-12 and beyond.
  • 2 Yellow labs – Mae (short for Mayhem) and Aspen
  • Hobbies:  crocheting; reading; gardening; camping; fishing; hiking; Pintrest


Kindergarten Curriculum

Reading/Literature/Language Arts: McGraw/Hill “Wonders”

Math:  Math in Focus (Singapore)

Music: Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum

Physical Education: Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum

Computer Education: Archdiocese of Denver Technology Plan

Art: Archdiocese of Denver  Art Curriculum

Science: MacMillian-McGraw-Hill

Religion: Who Am I (Image of God Series)

Spanish: Spanish Elementary by Cynthia Downs

Social Studies:  Archdiocesan Curriculum