Forming the Whole Person

More than ever, our children need a moral compass and personal virtue to be prepared for a future we cannot always predict. At St. Louis Catholic school we take time for prayer, and foster a culture of service, acceptance, and inclusion. By supporting our parents’ efforts, we hope that our children will not be blown by every cultural influence but instead be anchored by Christ.


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Staff and students participate in daily prayer, regularly scheduled liturgies, and other devotions, including the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Benediction, Advent service, and May Crowning.  Our teachers have been commissioned to provide means and opportunities for the religious education and development of our students and are provided guidance and spiritual direction through Archdiocesan classes, pastoral guidance, and a continuing personal investment in their own faith and religion.

Our school uses the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press.  This series is not only complete, it possesses excellence in a way that itself promotes the values of our holy faith and  invites the mutual participation of student and parents in the education process, a component which insures the best kind of religious education.


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Each one of you has received a special grace, so, like good stewards responsible for all these varied graces of God, put it at the service of others.  1 Peter 4:10

St. Louis School encourages students to put their faith into action in accord with the Catholic social teachings of respecting the life and dignity of the human person, responding to the call to participate in the family and community, placing priority on the needs of the poor and the most vulnerable, building unity among people, and caring for all of God’s creation. In addition to opportunities for involvement through various parish ministries and projects, St. Louis students are given opportunities to serve others through clothing and canned food drives, preparing meals for the Denver Homeless Shelter, and collecting shoes for Soles4Souls, a global social enterprise committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing.

Our students actively Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  All of our students participate in Project Rice Bowl, helping our brothers and sisters around the world each lent.  We make Thanksgiving food baskets for local families and our K-2 students bring the Mass to the Balfour Nursing Home.  We have a children’s choir, train altar servers after the 3rd grade and have an active student council that constantly looks for ways to celebrate the St. Louis tradition of caring and serving others.


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“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” –Mother Teresa

The St. Louis community is an accepting and loving community of staff and students who endeavor to make the world a little better.   Our culture is diverse and all are welcome into this community.

St. Louis school is open to all, Catholic and non-Catholic, who want to share its educational goal, inspired by Christian principles. Our school offers a safe, nurturing environment with a school culture of acceptance, tolerance and respect.   St. Louis School will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety and/or personal dignity of any student and has a clear school-wide policy that all forms of bullying are unacceptable.

An Invitation

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“Accept the risen Jesus into your life.  Even if you have been far away, take a small step towards him: he awaits you with open arms.”  -Pope Francis

Ever wonder what the Catholic Church really is, what it really does, or where it really came from?  Here’s a very brief introduction: