6th Grade

Monica Breier


303-666-6220, ext. 306

My name is Monica Breier and I teach Middle School Math and Science, as well as acting as the 6th Grade Homeroom Advisor. I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in biology.  I have taught middle school science and math in Catholic schools since receiving my teaching license. I grew up attending St. Louis Parish and received several sacraments here, as well as marriage prep.

My experience teaching has been a positive and rewarding experience. Being entrusted with the teaching of others has been a great responsibility, but also a great joy. I have appreciated both the time in front of the class and the time spent interacting personally with students during class or after-school tutoring. I have loved seeing students’ eyes light up when they finally understand a difficult concept, and have had the satisfaction of watching struggling students improve and succeed in a class.

I am married with two beautiful children. My husband and I (as well as our two young children) are very active in youth ministry with the Archdiocesan Office of Evangelization and Family Life.  I am excited to be back at St. Louis where my faith was formed!

6th Grade Curriculum

Reading/Literature/Language Arts: Prentice Hall Literature Series; Vocabulary Workshop; Novels; Independent Reading Time

Math: College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM)

Music: Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum

Physical Education: Archdiocese of Denver Curriculum

Computer Education: Archdiocese of Denver Technology Plan

Art: Archdiocese of Denver  Art Curriculum

Science: Scott Foresman

Religion: Ignatius Press (Faith and Life Series); Theology of the Body

Spanish: En Espanol! 1a & 1b by Estella Gahala etal

Social Studies: Glencoe McGraw-Hill


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